Sushi Roll Silicone Mould


Size: 2.36" x 1.18" H1.02"

Sushi ice-cream has come! Taste it or surprise your guests: the new Sushi Ice Cream moulds are a real and tangible revolution. Straight from the Japanese culinary tradition, a brand new concept to make gelato in an easy and quick way using Sushiflex range moulds.

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Sushi Roll Silicone Mould
Sushi Roll Silicone Mould Sushi Roll Silicone Mould
Special range of silicone moulds presented by Silikomart to make sushi type desserts or savour snacks. Using Sushi Roll silicone mould you can quickly and easily make rolled type sushi shape dessert. This mould working temperature is between -60°C and +230°C. Moreover, it has a nonstick surface which helps you easily to take out your dessert. Made by Silikomart.
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