Sorbet Ice Cream Powder Mix


Weight: 100g

You can easily make home made sorbet by adding water and a bit of sugar to this mix. You can add flavour cream for desired taste. Made in Italy

Pack of 100g mix will make you around 2L of sorbet. You don't need to use ice cream making machine - mix all ingredients with flavour and leave it in the freezer overnight. We recomment to add flavour to sorbet. Check available flavours below or you can add any flavoured cream and get great taste of home made ice cream!

How to: To obtain the base for fruit ice creams (sorbet), mix 50g of this powder mix with 200g of sugar and 1L of cool water. Add flavour according to your taste. Knead this mix by hand or in the ice cream maker. 

Doesn't contain hydrogenated fats. 

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Sorbet Ice Cream Powder Mix
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