Silikomart Tricot Mix White 300g


Size: 300g

NEW Lace mix specially designed for baking. You only need to mix the powder with water in 50/50 proportion and then spread the mixture on your lace mat and put it into the oven for 8-10 minutes at 100°C degrees. If you wish to make your laces coloured, just add gel colours to the mixture.

  • Easy to use as you only need to add water
  • Can be coloured in any colour you wish without need to buy separate bags of mix for each colour
  • Stays flexible for up to 48 hours (depends on humidity)
  • You can shape your lace using trays or formers
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Silikomart Tricot Mix White 300g

Silikomart Tricot Mix White is one component lace mix where you need to add only water. Silikomart Tricot Mix perfectly works for shaping lace for example butterflies. After baking just leave it to dry on a special shaping tray. For flexible laces please see White Lace Mix from Martellato.

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