Silicone Lace Mat Ribbon

Size: 400mm x 80mm Laces are very popular way of decorating cakes and cupcakes. It is very easy to make them - check our short video below! To make it dry faster you can put lace mat with mix in the oven for about 7-12 minutes (depends on the mix you are using). With these lace mats from Silikomart you will have perfect decoration for your cakes or cupcakes. Mats come in black colour, so it will be easy to perfectly spread even standard white lace mix without missing small details!
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Silicone Lace Mat Ribbon
Silicone Lace Mat Ribbon is one of most popular lace mats on UK market from Silikomart range to decorate cupcakes. Using this lace mat you can make at once 3 big bows, 6 small bows and 1 fency line. Made by Silikomart in Italy.
Supplier code: TRD15
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