Airpump & airbrush double action


Stunning cake decorations are only a spray away with this fun, easy-to-use kit. Using your icing as a canvas and food colouring as your paint, the gravity-fed airbrush ensures a constant flow to make for a smooth application of colour, meaning intricate details and broad sweeps are simple, even for a novice.

Technical specification:

Motor: DC 12V
Amps: 1.6 A
Air flow: 10.5 L/min
Automatic stop: 25 PSI
Auto Start: 15 PSI
Working pressure: 2-15 PSI
AC transformer Input AC 100 - 240V 50/60 HZ 0.6A
DC output 12V 1.5A
EU plug

Pre-order now at special price of £59.99 and receive your airbrush kit early September with three 190g airbrush colours for FREE!
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Airpump & airbrush double action
Airpump & airbrush double action Airpump & airbrush double action
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