Powder Pearl Green 25gr

Weight: 25 grams

The food liposoluble and alcohol soluble powder colour can be used for decorating pralines or other subjects of chocolate, frozen cakes, semifreddo, ice cream, mousse, transparent gelatin. Thanks to ability to reflect the light, this powder gives the decoration a metallic effect.

Directions for use

The colour is soluble in alcohol (suggested operation) or in water (more difficult operation). It can be used directly on the surface of the chocolate, without being dissolved, with a brush or with fingers obtaining in this way a pearled effect.

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Powder Pearl Green 25gr
25 grams of Pearl Green dust food colours can be used for decorating pralines, chocolate, frozen cakes, semifreddo, ice cream, mousse or transparent gelatin. Due to the ability of this pearl dust colour to reflect the light, it provides to decoration a metallic effect. This is liposoluble and alcohol dissolvable dust colour. Made by Martellato in Italy.
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