Powder Lake Blue 25gr

Weight: 25 grams

The food colour can be used in all fat masses: chocolate, cocoa butter, short pastry, marzipan, sugar paste

Directions for use

This powder is not water-soluble therefore it can be mixed with other fats like butter or margarine and then it can be poured in the dough to be coloured. When used for colouring the chocolate, it can be poured directly into the melted chocolate. It is possible to colour by using a brush if dissolved in alcohol.

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Powder Lake Blue 25gr
Blue powder food colour not dissolvable in water can be used in all fat masses like chocolate, cocoa butter, short pastry, marzipan and sugar paste. This line of Martellato Lake food powder colours can be dissolved in melted butter or margarine perfectly to ensure rich colour. Made in Italy.
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