Mini Tango Dessert Mould


Size: 67 x 33mm h 22mm / 2.64" x 1.30" h 0.87"
Volume: 4 x 36ml

Pack includes silicone mould, which makes 4 desserts. Moulds can be used in the fridge, freezers, shock freezer, microwave oven as well as for baking up to +230C. Each pack comes with 50 wooden sticks and recipe booklet. 

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Mini Tango Dessert Mould
Mini Tango Dessert Mould Mini Tango Dessert Mould
Silicone mould for your desserts! Suitable for both baking and freezing. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Easy to use and really impressing results! 50 wooden sticks are included. Made in Italy by famous company Silikomart.
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