Donuts Silicone Mould


Size: D75/25mm, H28mm / D2.95"/1", H1.1"
Volume:6 x 98ml = 588ml

Silicone mould designed to realize refined mignon pastries, perfect to be used in the oven or in the blast chiller for the preparation of cakes or savoury creations, it resists to temperatures going form -76°F to +446°F.

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Donuts Silicone Mould
Donuts Silicone Mould Donuts Silicone Mould
Mould for baking or freezing donuts made of high quality platinum silicone. Suitable for temperatures from -60°C to +230°C, dishwasher and microwave oven safe. Made in Italy by Silikomart.
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