Cookie Easter Kit


Size: D57 h 4.5 mm
Volume total: 36 ml

This kit is composed by a handy cookie cutter and a silicone mould perfect to make cookies with an embossed chocolate or fruit jellies top ideal as snacks or desserts, you can also prepare savoury creations with tomato jellies that you can serve as appetizers.

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Cookie Easter Kit
Cookie Easter Kit Cookie Easter Kit
Cookie Easter Kit is a handful tool to create cookies with a chocolate topper. The kit includes a rectangle shape cutter and a silicone mould with 6 different patterns. Cookie Easter Kit is very easy to use as all you need is to roll out the dough and cut out rectangle shapes using cutter from a kit, ready to go to the oven. Next, pour melted chocolate into silicone mould to create topper and put into the fridge to set. Afterwards, stick chocolate topper to the cookie and you can decorate your table in Easter theme. Made by Silikomart.
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