Alphabet Cookie Kit


Size: 65x62 mm H4.5 mm 
Volume: 9.5 ml x 6 = 57 ml

Cookie ABC is the original kit by Silikomart to make sweet or savoury home-made cookies. The kit is composed by five silicone mats 100% Made in Italy, with all alphabet letters and sweet writings, 12 postcards for each month of the year, a heart shaped cutter and a recipe.

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Alphabet Cookie Kit
Alphabet Cookie Kit Alphabet Cookie Kit

Alphabet cookie kit is an ideal solution offered by Silikomart chocolate silicone moulds line to make cookies precisely and with stunning results. Alphabet cookie kit includes 5 silicone moulds with letters from A to Z inside of heart shape to create a cookie chocolate topper and a heart shape cookie cutter to fit the topper.

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